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6 Unique Coves You Can Only Visit By Sea

6 Unique Coves You Can Only Visit By Sea

The Aegean Sea is considered one of the most beautiful and touristic places in the world. Greece and Turkey are among the places that adorn holidaymakers' dreams with their magnificent bays, turquoise sea and warm climate. In this article, we will explore six unique bays in Greece and Turkey that can only be visited by sea.

Balos Bay, Greece

Balos Bay is a natural wonder located in the southwest of Greece. It is famous for its magnificent turquoise sea, white sandy beach and magnificent scenery. Balos Bay is best reached by boat or on foot, as it is difficult to access by car.


Butterfly Valley, Türkiye

Butterfly Valley is located in Ölüdeniz in southwestern Turkey and owes its name to the valley where thousands of butterflies are sheltered. Accessible only by sea, this valley offers its visitors a turquoise sea and impressive natural beauties.