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Meis, Greece

Kastellorizo, also known as Meis, is Greece's smallest island in the eastern Mediterranean. Meis Port is the main transportation hub of this small island. The port is located on the northeast coast of Kastellorizo, the main settlement of the island.

Meis Harbor is a stopover point for touristic boats and ferries. Although it is a small port, it is one of the most popular transportation points preferred by tourists to reach the island of Meis. The port also has an important place for restaurants, cafes and other businesses in Meis.

Meis Harbor is located in a sheltered bay with shallow turquoise waters. The port is surrounded by a small beach that allows tourists to swim and sunbathe here. The port also has sufficient space for boats to dock.

Meis Port, a historical port, offers tourists the atmosphere of an old seafarer town. The historic buildings and streets around the port allow visitors to explore the island's historical and cultural heritage. Also, Turkey's Kas district, located on the opposite shore of Meis Port, is a place that attracts the attention of visitors.

Meis Harbor offers an unforgettable experience for visitors with its calmness, beauty and historical texture.